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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Fold5 Fold4 Foldable Screen Protector

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Fold5 Fold4 Foldable Screen Protector

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Main Display Screen Protector

Safeguard Galaxy Z Fold 5 with our advanced Foldable screen protector. Enjoy 0.03mm thickness and 99.9% transparency for unbeatable protection and clarity. Easy installation included!

Ultimate Screen Protection

Ensure your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 stays pristine with our premium foldable screen protector. This protector provides top-notch defense against scratches, cracks, and other potential damage. It's like giving your phone a suit of armor, ensuring it stays as perfect as the day you bought it. The robust design is ideal for daily use, providing peace of mind and long-lasting durability.

Crystal Clear Clarity: 99.9% Light Transmittance

Enjoy the full brilliance of your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 display with our screen protector. Boasting a 99.9% light transmittance, it ensures your screen remains as clear and vibrant as ever. The ultra-thin design allows for a virtually invisible presence, so you'll forget it's even there. Plus, the easy-to-use installation tools included make applying the protector a breeze, ensuring a bubble-free, perfect fit every time.

Main Display Screen Protector Installation Guide

External Screen Protector

Immerse in crystal clear visuals with HD/privacy glass screen protector for Galaxy Z Fold external screen. Fortify your device with a 9H shield for ultimate durability. Effortless installation, dust-bubble-free!

Crystal Clear Protection

Experience the brilliance of our Ultra-thin HD Clear Tempered Glass for SamsungGalaxy Z Fold external screen Dive into crystal clear visuals with a mere 0.13mm thickness, ensuring an unobstructed and immersive display. Let your device's true colors shine through while enjoying a seamless and vibrant viewing experience. Elevate your visual encounters with the clarity you deserve.

Ultimate Shield: 9H Tempered Glass

Fortify your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold external screen with the ultimate shield – our 9H Tempered Glass. Crafted for durability, this ultra-thin protector provides robust defense against potential screen shattering and scratches from sharp objects. Enjoy peace of mind, knowing your device is enveloped in a layer of protection that enhances both longevity and resilience. Elevate your device's durability to the next level. This protector for Galaxy Z Fold external screen is compatible with fingerprint unlocking. After installation, you can re-enroll your fingerprints to improve recognition accuracy.

Effortless Installation, Every Time

Simplify your screen protector installation with our Bubble-free & dust-free technology. Bid farewell to the frustration of air bubbles and dust interfering with the pristine look of your Samsung Galaxy Z Fold external screen. Our easy install technology ensures a smooth 

External Screen Protector Installation Guide

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